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Missy Day

Corporate Trainer, Speaker & Executive Coach

Missy Day

With over two decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, I know what it takes to transform your organization. If you’d like to obtain higher employee retention, effectively communicate, increase your productivity by 25%+, improve your processes, and shift your employees into fully committed team members, I help you achieve those goals.

My work with global companies, including Microsoft, Chick-fil-A, New York Life, and Citigroup, have resulted in impactful corporate results stemming from more authentic engagement and culture shifts within the organizations year over year. I facilitate training on Lean-in Leadership, Effective Communication and Connecting, Multi-Generational Engagement, and Team Building.

I create an environment in which my clients gain clarity, determined focus, and achieve goals with a lasting, positive impact. I can make this a reality for your company, as I have done for past and current clients. I would love for you to experience the same results.

The Stats

Leadership, communication and fun in the workplace training.

Before training:

  • Overall Employee Satisfaction – 69%
  • Productivity – 80%
  • Retention – 58%
  • Quality – 81.67%​

After 6 months of training:

  • Overall Employee Satisfaction – 98%
  • Productivity – 95%
  • Retention – 81%
  • Quality – 99.996%

If you’re the HR Director, Director of Operations, Executive Director, CEO, or in charge of Staff Development, who wants: increased revenue, improved processes, enhanced working relationships, improved morale, and a decrease in turnover, let’s chat.


The Clients I Serve

  • HR Directors
  • Directors of Operations
  • Executive Directors
  • Staff Development Managers
  • CEOs


  • 50 or more employees
  • Struggled to make themselves better
  • A need for a culture shift
  • Attained a certain level of success and plateaued, even burnt out
  • A need to get back to basics, streamline processes, rejuvenate confidence, and feel great again
  • A desire to improve morale and make work fun again

I am a certified International Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Executive Coach that specializes in developing and implementing strategies designed for corporations to achieve their ultimate SUCCESS! When I leave a company after training, I’ve impacted their world in a positive manner that lasts.

If you are a company that wants to create dynamic leaders, build a foundation for success, improve your work environment, and foster fun in your workplace, we are a perfect match. I love what I do and your success is my passion.


Culture Shift

Imagine a company where employees:

  • love to come to work.
  • feel appreciated.
  • are rewarded for excellence because they deserve it.

Imagine a company that saves both time and money thanks to newly improved processes. Imagine a company where, as a result, everything falls into place.


Now imagine that in company is yours.


Ready to Shift? Let’s Connect.

Corporate Training
Executive Coaching
Motivational Speaker

Corporate Impact

  • Increase productivity by 25%+
  • Increase employee satisfaction scores
  • Improve and streamline processes
  • Keep up with industry changes
  • Create WOW moments for your customers
  • Create dynamic leaders
  • Identify strengths and skill gaps
  • Attract and retain new talent
  • Obtain higher employee retention
  • Build a foundation for business success
  • Improve the work environment
  • Become an industry leader
  • Transform the organization
  • Foster fun in the workplace
  • Learn to effectively connect and communicate
  • Shift employees into fully committed team members

Missy Day · 1550 Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite R14
Henderson · NV 89012

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